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Jos van der Sterren - Training Director

Jos van der Sterren is an international economist with more than 30 years of experience in management, consulting in access to finance, tourism destination management, social investment, and international SME development. This includes 7 years in Latin America. His background allows him to combine economic analysis at two levels: access to finance for SME’s, value chain analysis and development of sustainable tourism destinations.

Specializations include investment fund design and management, financial engineering, bank downscaling and financial institutional governance. He is an experienced investment manager, researcher and consultant to universities, banks, (micro)finance Institutions.

Between 1997-2003, he was responsible for the design and management of a $ 45 million global investment fund for microfinance and economic development, with investments in over 25 countries.

Since 2003 he has extended his field of experience to higher tourism education and consulting, focusing on sustainable finance and entrepreneurship at Breda University of Applied Sciences He combines his current work as Director of Academy (120 staff, € 10 million annual budget), with consulting services. He has published several articles on sustainable finance and impacts of tourism on income distribution.