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Rob Bakker - Digital Financial Services Specialist

Rob Bakker has worked on a number of assignments with Ayani, in general in the area where technology meets financial services and its management, such as Mobile Money, Electronic Vouchers, Cash transfers and Financial Inclusion and ICT in general. He is a senior program manager and consultant and a certified project manager (Prince2) , with a degree in cognitive psychology. He has over 25 years of working experience in both the Netherlands and Mozambique.

He is currently involved in a project of implementing an Electronic Voucher solution for the resettlement of Fishermen and seafood collectors affected by the Liquified Gas exploration in the North of Mozambique, the roll out of 40 ATM's in rural areas in Mozambique (SIMO/Banco de Mozambique) and the outsourcing of cash transfers for the Institute of Social Action in Mozambique. Before that he managed an Ayani project performed for FARE with funded by the African Development Bank, aiming to support the migration of Saving Groups (ASCAs from cash to Mobile Money in the center and the south of Mozambique.

In 2018 he performed a research in Guinea for ACET on the best ways to promote Women and Youth Financial Inclusion for Entrepreneurship and Job Creation; in 2015 and 2016 he was involved in a FAO project for the implementation of the use of Electronic Vouchers for smallholders in the center of Mozambique. And from 2012 till 2014 he was CEO of a super-agent of a Mobile Money firm in Mozambique. In the period before that he worked as ICT and organizational change project manager for a number of Mobile Telephony companies.